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Pest control

Our pest control teams consist of licensed pest control operators. 

Our approach

The management of pest infestations is important in the avoidance of costly damage to retail and commercial property, furniture, computer networks, appliances and, stored and consumable products. Pest can cause damage, contaminate food and spread diseases within various Environments.

Enviro’mental Hygiene is dedicated in servicing retail, corporate,  banking, insurance, legal commercial,  industrial, factories, parastatals and other facilities with pest management needs.

Our Pest Control Operators are licensed with the Department of Agriculture.Enviro has been a proud member of SAPCA (South African Pest Control Association) for 15 years and also the Pest Control Industries Board (PCIB).

Our services

Pest control
  • Preventative pest management
  • Treating new, existing and recurrent infestations
  • Providing ongoing advice, support and education on pest management
  • Warehouse fogging and fumigation services
  • HACCP services
  • Fly control services
  • Termites – pre and post construction

What our clients say


We are certified industrial cleaning specialists.