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Hygiene service

Enviro’mental Hygiene has a reputation of service excellence and superior product technology.

Our approach

Enviro’mental Hygiene is well-known for providing comprehensive washroom services to a wide range of businesses that are keen to provide their staff and clientele with clean, hygienic bathrooms and staff facilities.

At Enviro’mental Hygiene, our goal is to make any washroom experience a hygienic and pleasant one. We ensure that all washrooms are maintained according to the highest of standards, by ensuring a continuous supply of quality hygienic products that are economical and luxurious.

All hygiene care systems come in various colours, styles and preferences. Products range from white plastic to satin and stainless-steel units. We offer branded units  as per customers’ requests (T’s & C’s apply).

Other washroom products include

Paraplegic bathroom - wall fittings
Paraplegic bathroom - wall fittings
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Auto sanitizers
  • Seat sanitizers
  • Paper & air dryers
  • Air freshness
  • Toilet roll holders
  • Waste paper bins
  • Hand foam, liquid soap and cream dispensers

What our clients say


We are certified industrial cleaning specialists.