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COVID-19 essential services

Reduce the risk and ensure your environment remains hygienic!

Material Masks

The fight against COVID-19 will persist even after the lockdown period, therefore staying safe and remaining protected is a priority. It is highly recommended that everyone should wear masks. Since the N-95 and surgical/medical masks remain reserved only for healthcare workers the cloth face masks are encouraged as a good alternative.

Available in White/Black/Blue | Minimum Quantities 50


How to use a cloth face mask:

  • The face mask must cover the nose and mouth completely.
  • Face masks should not be lowered when speaking, coughing or sneezing.
  • Face masks should not be repeatedly touched – fidgeting is strongly discouraged.
  • The inner side of the mask should not be touched by hands
  • Wash hands after removing face masks.
  • Wash face masks with ward soapy water and iron when dry.
  • Each person will need at least 2 masks so that one face mask is available when the other is being washed.

Terminal cleaning

As a Hygiene Service provider, we are directly involved in the fight against COVID-19. As part of our plan to ensure a safe working environment for all we have been providing Terminal Cleaning Services aimed at stopping the spread of the disease.

Clinical wear

The Service is aimed to clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace such as workstations, counter tops, doorknobs, basins and taps, waste bins including lids and pedals, paper towels and soap dispensers, any other equipment including TVs, telephones and all surfaces including floors and bathrooms.

We use cleaning agents that are capable of disinfecting these surfaces. All cleaning treatments are done under strict supervision. Cleaning areas are disinfected not once but up to three times under special circumstances. Our Health and Safety Officer ensures all items and PPE is removed and discarded appropriately.

Antibacterial Fogging Treatment

Treat your surfaces, workstations and office space with our Antibacterial fogging treatment. Our disinfection service is designed to help tackle the COVID-19 virus. Performed by licensed technicians, who apply approved antimicrobial products in the form of a spray or mist targeting those areas daily cleaning cannot reach.

Antibacterial Fogging Treatment

Treatment is quick and effective with the specific focus to eliminate disease causing bacteria and viruses. The service is aimed at enhancing business environments health and safety.

Premises needs to be vacated during the service and left vacant after the treatment to allow for product to settle.

Benefits includes: Non-toxic and safe treatment | Germ free surfaces | Reduce risk of cross-contamination | Quick and easy| Affordable

Hand and Surface Sanitisers

Reduce the risk and ensure your environment remains hygienic!

Hand and Surface Sanitisers

We offer a range of sanitizers.
Colours of sanitiser may vary depending on the supplier.

  • Hand Sanitizing Gel 5Lt
  • Hand Sanitizing Spray 300ml
  • Hand Sanitizing Liquid 5Lt
  • Foam and Liquid Soaps 5Lt
  • Sanimist

Non-Touch Hand Sanitiser

Foot operated Hand sanitiser Dispenser, floor standing, fine mist spray for effective coverage. No operating costs, no staff required, top up system, 6L capacity, 5000 metered sprays per 5L. Comes with wheels for easy manoeuvring, no electricity required. Locally manufactured.

Priced at R4,900.00 (Ex VAT)

Non-Touch Hand Sanitiser


  • Small Footprint: 300 x 300 base

  • 1040mm Dispensing Nozzle 

  • Height Powder Coated 1.6mm Steel Construction

Sanitizing Treatment

Be proactive and keep your daily environment safe and sanitized.
Enviro’s proactive approach to stop the spread of the disease by using a backpack sprayer to frequently sanitize all high-risk contact areas creates peace of mind service for our clients, tenants, the public & all stakeholders at large. This method is cost effective using existing cleaners for efficient & effective covid-19 control.

Cost of chemicals:  25 Litres R 1,800 (Ex VAT)

Sanitising Treatment

Our Sanitizing treatment is aimed to treat all contact areas efficiently and effectively on a scheduled program. We use a highly effective Antibacterial Spray with 60% alcohol composition. The chemical is SANS approved and safe to use even in the Food Industry.

The treatment will ensure that all facilities can benefit from this Sanitizing Treatment.

  • Pro-active approach to prevent the spread of the disease

  • Cost effective as existing cleaners can perform the job

  • Use of backpack sprayer allows for frequent sanitizing of high-risk contact

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